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The products we offer include natural personal care products, thoughtfully crafted hand poured scented candles, handwoven organic cotton and silk garments, and Eco friendly handbags.

Our story

“A Touch of Nature in Your Daily Life’’

There is one thing that is unique in Africa, TIME. Time is so unique that some dialects don’t even contemplate the word future, PEOPLE LIVE THEIR TIME. In Africa we have time, and since we are so rich of time we dedicate time. Our products contain this valuable asset that is visible in every stitch, cut and detail. We hope you will have time to enjoy them.


Authentic and Unique International Brand.

Committed to Sustainability and Wellness 

The Company

Sosh Collection is a global company committed in producing high quality sustainable products that people love and afford. Our mission is to create an 

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The Making

Sosh Collection, an ethical fashion line that combines traditional Ethiopian handwoven fabrics with contemporary design, where we create 

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Pine Island Organics

Founded on Pine Island –Florida and now in Naples –Florida, Pine Island Organics creates natural, botanical personal care products in service to our customers, our community and our planet.

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