“A Touch of Nature in Your Daily Life”

“Healing comes from nature and not from the physician”  Paracelsus

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Pine Island – Florida

Founded in Pine Island –Florida and now in Naples –Florida, Pine Island Organics manufactures natural, botanical personal care products healthy for you, supportive to the community and friendly to our planet earth. 

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Committed to

Sustainability and Wellness

We are committed to sustainability and wellness. We carefully source our ingredients to eliminate harmful or questionable chemicals, including those banned or restricted  personal care products in the European union.

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Founder of Pine Island Organics

Dr. Patrick Barron

Over the past three and a half decades, Pine Island Organics’ founder, Dr. Patrick  Barron, has been at the forefront of integrative physicians who believe that healthcare reform is about effectively changing the way we live, eat, care for our bodies and practice medicine. His holistic approach to well-being is reflected in the products we develop for Pine Island Organics by drawing on his lifelong interest in herbs and botanicals and the deep roots of his scientific training.

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Our products are formulated from natural, botanical and organic ingredients.

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We are dedicated to invest the most valuable asset, TIME, in every stitch, cut and details. 


We follow Standards

Pine Island Organics follows USDA National Organic Program Standards.