“A Touch of Nature in Your Daily Life”

Sosh Collection is a global company committed to producing high quality sustainable products that people love and afford. Our mission is to create an authentic and unique international brand that represent women of all ages. The products we offer include natural personal care products, thoughtfully crafted hand poured scented candles, hand woven organic cotton and silk garments, and Eco friendly handbags.



Local Women

Sosh Collection has an unwavering commitment to ethically source materials and support local women artisans.


Genet Kebede

Pioneer in Ethiopian Fashion Industry

As a pioneer in Ethiopian fashion industry, our creative director Genet has built a carrier that supports the livelihood of a network of over 55 Ethiopian women who, with their skill, preserve and enhance the art of Ethiopian rich textile heritage.

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Dr Patric Barron

Pine Island Organics

Pine Island Organics has been in business of making natural personal care products since 2007. Over the past three & half decades, Pine Island Organics founder, Dr. Patrick Barron has been at the fore front of integrative physicians who believe that health care reform is about effectively changing the way we live, eat, care for our bodies and practice medicine. His holistic approach to well-being is reflected in the products we develop for pine island organics.

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