The Making

Sosh Collection, an ethical fashion line that combines traditional Ethiopian handwoven fabrics with contemporary design, where we create limited production collections of handmade scarves, caftans, modern dresses and other handmade garment. The perfect balance of design and tradition is also the cornerstone of the custom, quality fabric creation for each of our collection.

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Hand Woven


The fabrics we use in our handwoven clothing are as unique as the loom weavers with whom we work, meaning that each item is an exclusive work of art. We work with certified fair-trade community partner organizations who value craftsmanship in their silk spinning and weaving, and we incorporate their artisanal products into our organic women’s clothing.



Because of our commitment to our community and the world, we only use Eri silk that is harvested following sustainable and ethical process. No living organism is harmed during the silk harvesting process. Thicker and stronger Ethiopian  Eri silk does not come from genetically modified organism (Gmo’s) as most silk does.

Zebu Cows

Ethiopia is home to Zebu cows, the ancestor of all bovines. The Zebus still live outdoors and work for their entire lives, being fed on grass. They are not treated with antibiotics, hormones or any other chemical. Most importantly, the leather is a by –product. The Zebu cows are not raised for their skin or meat, but are working animals that live out their lives roaming the beautiful Ethiopian landscapes.

The Zebu cow skin carries with it the beauty of living organically in nature. The leather is also vegetable tanned to preserve its entire natural appeal. In the spirit of sustainability, the Zebu cow skin and horns are collected at the end of the cows working life.

The Fabric


The cotton we use has been grown by small farmers for centuries using only traditional techniques, natural fertilizers and no pesticides. The heavier fabrics used for bags are made of multiple yarn threads twisted together, which increases the resistance without increasing the weight and the load of the fabric.

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All our beautiful and multicolored horn accessories come from the Ethiopian Zebu cows. The handle joints are made with multiple layer reinforced Zebu cow horns, which are unique in color but also incredibly strong and durable. Zebu leather is similar to a wild animal skin, it carries the memory of acacia thorns, insect bites, encounters with predators and all their life time work done for farmers.

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The Leather

The sheen of the leather and the smoothness of the edges are due to patient hand wiping using clothes and waxes.

A natural dyeing process using pigments extracted from soil and charcoal, and our screen printing which is fully done by hand creates a unique shade and elegance while celebrating nature.

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